A few words about us…..

The KOPERNIK hotel is located in Lidzbark Warmiński /German name: Heilsberg / at the very heart of the Warmia region, where the Symsarna tributary enters the Łyna river.The Hotel building is located directly near national road no. 51 leading from the regional capital Olsztyn to the border crossing with Russia in Bezledy.

It is located in the neighborhood of the Bishop of Warmia castle, a well known Grade A historical building as well as near a historical collegiate church of St. Peter and Paul. Be sure to pay us a visit if you are on any of the eight tourist trails leading through Lidzbark Warmiński. There are all kinds of trails: hiking trails, bicycle trails, motorcycle and kayak trails. The bicycle trail GREEN VELO goes right next to our hotel. The hotel offers accommodation for cyclists together with bicycle parking spots.

Other well known trails are: The Copernicus Trail and Trail of Gothic Castles. Do not miss our local events which have regional, national and international reach, the most well known being: the Lidzbark Evenings of Humor and Satire, the reenactment of the Battle of Heilsberg as well as the International School of Early Music and Ludzbark Jazz Evenings. Another popular local attraction is the Warmia Baths which offer rest and relaxation in a broad selection of swimming pools, Jacuzzi and saunas in the Aquapark to the enthusiasts of warm geothermal waters. Our Guests will receive 20% discount vouchers for the Baths. The hotel is located on a hill, right next to the city center, allowing to view the panorama: including the Bishops of Warmia Castle and St. Peter and Paul Church, together with Bishop Krasicki’s Orangery. Visitors can view the panorama from the large hotel parking lot as well as from most of the room windows.

The KOPERNIK hotel welcomes the visitors and offers bright and spacious rooms. All the rooms have broad beds, one for each intended person to stay in the room; i.e.: 2 beds in a two-person rooms, 3 beds in three-person rooms and 4 beds in four-person rooms.We regret to inform you that it is not possible to keep animals in our rooms. Every room has its own bathroom with shower, toilet and hairdryer. Our Guests are welcome to use the tea and coffee set as well as mineral water. On request, we provide a set of glassware, dishes and cutlery. There are TV sets in all our rooms which allow to view Polish and foreign programs. We provide excellent quality broadband internet connection throughour free WiFi network.

The price of stay at KOPERNIK hotel includes buffet /smorgasbord style/ breakfast served in our dining room. Our Hotel boasts very positive reviews by our guests, especially when it comes to price to quality ratio of our offer in comparison to other facilities in our city. We welcome guests from abroad, we speak your language.
We’re looking forward to your visit!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS for KOPERNIK hotel near the castle in Lidzbark Warmiński

  1. Hotel rooms are rented to the Guests for one night stays. For one night stay, the check-in begins at 14.00 and ends at 12.00.
  2. Guests are charged for the stay in advance, on the day of arrival.
  3. If the Guest declines to stay in the hotel during the stay period, the payment charged for stay for this night is not returned.
  4. In the event of booking the room and failure to show by 18.00 on the booked day, the hotel reserves the right to charge for a single night of stay. The hotel may charge the Guest’s credit card.
  5. The basis for checking in at the hotel is the Guest producing an ID card or passport and signing the Registration Card, which constitutes accepting these
    Terms and Conditions and giving consent for the processing of the Guest’s personal data for the purpose of executing the rental agreement entered into with KOPERNIK gotel.
  6. If the Guest wishes to extend the stay beyond the time indicated on arrival, the Guest should notify the Reception by 10.00 on the last day of the stay. Occupying a room after 12.00 shall be treated as an extension of stay. However, if the Guest vacates the room by 16.00, they will only be charged for half a night.
  7. The Guest may not lend the room to others. Persons not checked into the hotel
    may stay in the room at 7.00 – 22.00.

  8. The hotel may refuse to admit Guests who violated these Terms and Conditions during their previous stay, causing damage to the property of other guests and the hotel, or causing harm to a Guest, hotel employee or any third parties.
  9. The hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standard rating. Guests should notify the hotel Reception about any required services.
  10. The hotel does not assume any liability for loss of money, securities, or items with scientific of artistic value.
    The hotel is furthermore not liable for damage or loss of vehicles owned by the Guest. The parking lot in front of the hotel is unattended and free of charge.
  11. Due to fire safety concerns, the use of the following items is prohibited in the hotel room: heaters, electric irons and other similar items not included in the hotel room. The Guest assumes for financial liability for all damage or loss of items provided in the hotel room, together with any technical equipment owned by hotel whether caused by their own fault, or by their visitors.
  12. Please respect the quiet hours at KOPERNIK hotel, at 22.00 – 6.00
  13. Smoking is prohibited on the premises of KOPERNIK hotel.
  14. Every time when leaving the hotel, Guests should close all windows, turn off the television, turn off the lights, turn off the taps and after closing the Door, handover the key to the Hotel Reception.
  15. Personal items left in the room by Guests after the stay will be sent to the address indicated on registration card. If no such instruction is provided, the hotel will keep these items for 3 months and afterwards will hand them over to charity or public use.
  16. Terms of booking advance payment returns:
    A/ within 6 weeks before the booked date, 100% of advance payment is refunded
    B/ within 4 weeks before the booked date, 50% of advance payment is refunded
    at no additional charge.
    C/ within 2 weeks before the booked date, advance payment is not refunded
  17. Should the hotel incur a material loss for failure to come through with abooking under customized order, on request of the Guest, the Guest performing the booking may be charged with a compensation fee equal to 50 % of the booking price.