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ul. Zielona 1, 11-100 Lidzbark Warmiński


It is worth visiting staying in Lidzbark Warm. the most important and the most interesing places and monuments of the town and neigbourhood.

The town attractions

The Gothic Castel is situated in the eastern part of the town at the gorge of two rivers: the Łyna and Symsarna. The castle for many years was a place of residence for Warmia bishops (Ignacy Krasicki was the last)

  • Saint Piotr and Paweł’s church erected in XIII century
  • High Gate-an imposing 4-storey building of a gothic style, dated from 1352
  • Defensive Walls
  • Mury Obronne
  • Orangery of Ignacy Krasicki (Summer Place)- a unique building in Warmia, established under the influence of Polish architectural ideas of King St.August Poniatowski
  • Orthodox church
  • Raising the Holly Cross church -an outstanding masterpiece of Orthodox architecture built in 1918-1923

Staying in Lidzbark in August-September you must attend The Evenings of Humour and Satire organised in honour of the Prince of Polish poets-Ignacy Krasicki. It is the oldest cabaret festival in Poland.

Neighbourhood attractions.

  • Devoted to the cult of the Virgin Mary built in XVII century
  • Saint Lipka – a monastery from the end of XVII century the greatest example of late baroque objects. There are the most famous organs with moving figures in the temple
  • Wolf Earthwork – the ruins of Hitler’s guarters which was attacked in 1944. The area is protected now and made accessible to visitors
  • Stork village -Żywkowo -a small village 0,5km from the northern Polish-Russian border; about 70 storks arrive there every year

There are three wonderfully situated lakes near Lidzbark Warm.

  • Wielochowskie – 3 km from the town
  • Symsarn – called Kłębowo
  • Blanki – the biggest lake in the community